back for 2012!

We have been taking a bit of a break, but we are now back for 2012 to complete all of your special cupcake, moon pie and macaron orders!

We no longer attend markets, but we offer a completely bespoke service for all events, birthdays, weddings, christenings and general knees-ups, so if you are looking for the tastiest, additive and colour free bakes in town you need look no further!

Drop us a line, or look at our flavour page to whet your appetite!

pop goes the weasel...

just a quickie to let you know that pop-cakes are coming to the Simple Pleasures Cupcakery stand at the Brighton FARM Market on Saturday 5th March.

Planned flavours are:

chocolate orange (in the shape of oranges of course)
chocolate rose (with pink sparkles and mini flowers)
lemon and poppyseed (with yellow sparkles and a centre spot of poppy seeds)

Maybe more to follow, depending on popularity....

January tasties...

Well, we were back up and running yesterday at the Brighton FARM Market, with our new flavours for the beginning of January. And they went down VERY well indeed!

We totally sold out of our newcomers - Rhubarb and Custard (a vanilla cupcake with a dollop of local, poached rhubarb and juices inside, with a custard buttercream top) and Orange Meringue Pie (an orange cupcake with homemade orange curd dolloped in the middle and topped with a semi baked soft marshmallowly meringue on top - toasted).

But do not worry - they will both be with us next week, so come and say hello and have a taste of January...

seasonal shutdown...

well - many cupcakes were made and lovingly delivered just in time for Christmas, and now we are on a small seasonal shutdown....

orders can be fulfilled from 7th January, and we will be back up and running at the Brighton FARM market when it re-opens on SATURDAY 15th JANUARY.

come and say hello, and sample our NEW, urm, New Year menu!

Plus, look out for our new loyalty cards and other new goodies yet to be announced!

vouchers ahoy!

yep - for the person who has everything, why not treat them to one of our lovely cupcake vouchers instead?

available in a six box option, the lucky recipient can come and exchange the card for six seasonal and delicious cupcakes of their choice from our weekly Saturday stall at the Brighton Farm Market.

ready to go now - just in time for Christmas....

plus, do not forget, we will be at the last Christmas Brighton Farm Market on Thursday 23rd December - cupcakes, cookies and chocolates for Christmas!

holidays are coming...

we do love this time of year, and are very excited to announce that our Christmas menu will be making it's appearance this coming saturday at our usual spot at the Brighton Farm Market in Diplocks Yard, North Road. Here's what you can expect:

- Cranberry and Orange (a cranberry studded orange cake with spiced orange buttercream)
- Mince Pie (a lush vanilla cake with a dollop of mincemeat in the middle, topped with a rum buttercream)
- Roasted Chestnut (a chocolate cupcake with a chocolate chestnut buttercream)
- Mulled wine (a spiced vanilla cupcake spiked with a mulled wine syrup and a mulled wine buttercream)
- After Dinner Mint (a chocolate cupcake with a fresh minty buttercream top)
- Amaretto Coffee (a lovely coffee cupcake with an amaretto buttercream)

Plus, our vegetable selection will be there (parsnip and apple, carrot, chocolate beetroot and raspberry and pumpkin and nutmeg), our gingerbread moon pies, buttercream buttons and the standard vanilla and chocolate for those not feeling so adventurous!

Autumn menu...

yep - it is officially Autumn, so here is our Autumn menu which will be with us until the beginning of December, when we will move into Christmas mode!

so - how does Autumn taste? Like this:
- toffee apple (with a dollop of bramley apple and toffee compote in the middle and a toffee buttercream)
- spiced orange and poppyseed (orange with star anise, allspice and cinnamon drizzled through an orange spiced cake)
- toasted marshmallow (a lush vanilla cake with a marshmallow baked inside, a strawberry buttercream and another toasted marshmallow on top)
- liqueur coffee (coffee cake with a coffee and rum buttercream)
- chilli chocolate (a comforting chocolate cake with a warming chilli chocolate buttercream)
- gingerbread moon pies (with a delish spiced buttercream inside of ginger, cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg)
- bramble blush macarons (blushed purple french almond macarons filled with bramble jelly)
AND our very popular homemade honeycomb!
plus, you can also find our seasonal vegetable cupcake selection - carrot, parsnip apple and honey, pumpkin and maple syrup and chocolate beetroot and raspberry along with our standard usual suspects of vanilla and triple chocolate.

yum! Autumn tastes good to us!